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Vintage Styled Wedding

1 Nov

Greetings! It’s Halloween. We don’t celebrate it over here, so it’s been really quiet. Actually, with the exception of a trip to the park yesterday, we’ve been in our PJ’s in bed for most of the weekend. Oh, the horror! 😉

I’ve been meaning to share this Styled wedding I did in collaboration with Shadowbear Photography a few weeks back. We wanted a rustic, vintage feel and I think we did a pretty good job, no? If you haven’t heard of SBP take a quick visit to their site. I’ve known Michelle for many, many years and she is so very talented. I’m very proud of her and the businesswoman she has become.

Our “wedding” started with this inspiration board:

and ended with this:

I’d say we did a good job! Thank you Shadowbear Photography & all the vendors who made this possible. We’ll be submitting it to Style Me Pretty! Praying we get featured.

Good Night!


A $3,000 Wedding.

23 Oct

Over the years, I’ve met many happily engaged women who have decided to forgo their wedding because of financial hardship. I can completely understand this, as I was almost one of them. Brett and I had a hard time deciding whether or not to have a wedding because there were so many other things we could have used this money for… an apartment, or diapers, even. Yes, we were pregnant, and we couldn’t justify spending an insane amount of money on a wedding when we had so much to plan for. Still, my heart wanted that wedding, as I’m sure every woman does deep inside. It’s not the wedding, it’s the marriage and all that, but such a special day deserves to be spent with the ones who love you, whether or not you can afford to host a lavish affair.

Enter our wedding. We decided to spend not a penny over $3,000. And, we had three weeks to plan. Bride, if you’re out there feeling discouraged about your special day, ANYTHING can happen if you are willing enough.You too, can have a $3,000 wedding if you apply certain rules.

Rule #1

Have a backyard wedding.

A venue can easily charge up to $5,000  if not more just for the space, and you’re on your own when it comes to everything else. That means tables, chairs, linens, food, etc. If you have a close family member with a nice backyard, talk to them about allowing you to have your wedding there. Chances are they will say yes, and it makes for an intimate feel. Our wedding was held in my mom’s backyard, which isn’t so big, but we made it work.

Rule # 2

Cut the guest list.

Keep the guest list to a bare minimum. This means closest family and friends only. Don’t invite your coworkers, or friend’s friend… Basically only people whom you and your fiancee know and hold dear. Remember, this is a sacred event, more than a party. Spend it with people who genuinely care for you and are happy to be with you on your day. We had exactly 50 guests, and it was perfect.

Rule # 3


Do it yourself. Research on the internet about making your own invitations, seating/escort cards, table numbers, etc. The more you can do on your own, the better. Get a group of friends together and ask them to help you. You’d be surprised how well you can do! There are plenty of sites out there like Wedding Chicks with templates you can customize so you can save money, without compromising style.

The most important thing is to remember that you don’t have to impress anyone. Since your guests are your close friends and family, they understand, and they won’t care if you use plastic plates. They care about watching you walk down that aisle, and that means more than anything.