Thursday Tunes

28 Oct

Hi, All. Or the few who might actually read this blog since I haven’t really told anyone about it. I’m actually pretty shy about this whole blogging ordeal. But I love reading blogs, and I’m actually quite getting a kick out of blogging, myself. This is the third time I try it, and hopefully I’ll stick around this time. Anyway, you know the saying “Money doesn’t grow on trees?” I wish it did. (Don’t we all?) As you know, we’ve been living with my in laws and it’s getting a little… well, crowded. I guess it’s been that way since the beginning, but since Matty was born, we’ve REALLY noticed a change. I’m surprised there aren’t burp cloths hanging from the ceiling fan. I’m not complaining, although it sounds as if I am. I’m very grateful that we even have this opportunity of living here and it has been AMAZING having all the help with Matthew. It’s just… we want our own space so bad. I can’t wait to decorate it and make it ours. I know the day is coming. Although my wish is to be a WAHM, right now I need a fixed income. We have credit cards to pay, and student loans, and we need a place ASAP. But I will definitely continue with my business ideas and I know one will stick!

Last night at church was amazing. We attend a young adult service called The Outlet on Wednesday nights and it is a tremendous blessing to both of our lives. Without God in the center of our lives and marriage, things would be so much harder. The message was totally for me… “Don’t quit on your dream job, don’t quit on school… keep pushing forward and you will make it… you’re almost there.” Haleluyer! Just what I needed to push another day. Today’s tune was one of the worship songs played yesterday. It’s called Healer. Although you may not be physically sick, God is not only our Healer of sicknesses, He will heal your insides, too. That’s what He did for me. And man, am I glad He did.


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