Thursday Tunes

21 Oct

Hi! I’m still working on posting every day. Yesterday was my hubby’s birthday. Our birthdays are a week apart, so most of the time, we celebrate together. This past weekend we went on a little birthday road trip to Orlando. We visited Islands of Adventure and had a great time. Rollercoasters, good food and all around a great time with friends. Matty stayed behind. It was fun to have a little adult time, but man did I miss that little guy.

Moving on, today is Thursday and I would like to share a song that means something to me. Not necassarily the hippest song, or something on the top 20 charts. It could be the dorkiest most ridiculous song, and it probably is…but it means something to me. This week’s Thursday tune is anything but ridiculous though, because it’s from Dave Matthews Band, and we all know that they are the epitome of badassery. Being that this is my husband’s birthday week, I’d like to share our song. Not the song we danced at our wedding, but our song nonetheless. My husband got me up from the hospital bed while I was recovering from my C-section to slow dance this song with me the day after Matthew was born. It was the most romantic moment of my life. Babe, this is for you.


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